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I’m not really sure I can say welcome back because I only had these symptoms 8 months ago when I was very sick. I also only had these symptoms when I accidently got “glutened.” For those of you that are regular readers on my site you probably know me as being extremely positive and always going with the flow. Not this time, I simply fed up. Like a fellow gluten-free blogger Gluten Dude says, “I’m so sick and tired of talking about food!” I’ve officially reached my frustration level breaking point and I’m simply confused about what my body is telling me now. On May 30th of this year I officially ended my 180-day elimination diet after I found out I showed sensitivities to soy, goat’s milk, eggs, corn and ton of other foods on top of gluten and dairy. I started re-introducing certain foods back into my body and showed no gastro-intestinal issues. This is the most common symptom that I’ve had. Now I just get brain fog, mildly scratchy throat and congested on a daily basis. I’m currently writing this post with all of these symptoms. I’m not eating gluten or dairy but yet if I don’t eat almost all day long I develop these symptoms.

At first I thought it was the extreme heat that we have in AZ (maybe). Then I thought maybe I wasn’t drinking enough water….nope not that. So I’ve been eating a ton of foods and have gained 10 pounds in the last three weeks. I guess that is not a horrible thing considering I lost about 25 when I got severely sick last October. But, I’m simply at a loss because I just spent 10 days in much cooler San Diego and for a better part of the time I felt fine. Is it the weather? Do I need to start eliminating foods again? Does anybody else develop these symptoms that live in warmer climates?

On a side note, I just tested my sugar levels and they are within the normal limits.

So now, I’m just reaching out and asking for a little feedback. Time to throw another ice pack on my brain and take another nap. As for going back to the doctor, I really would prefer not because nobody seems to understand except for us.

Thanks for listening!

Stay Healthy!!



  1. 7-9-2012

    Do any of your hygeine products have those ingredients in them? I’ve noticed if my shampoo, toothpaste, lotions, etc. have gluten, my body reacts, but not necessarily my tummy.

    • 7-9-2012

      No they don’t. This one is so puzzling to me as I’ve never dealt with this on a daily basis. I’m seeing my “mentor” tomorrow and will be discussing it with her as I’m at a total loss of what is happening! Thanks for your thoughts :)

  2. 7-9-2012

    Ugh! I’m so sorry…I wish I had an answer for you. If you learn anything please let us know! I’m convinced there’s another cause to these problems…I’m finally sucking it up and starting the dr trail again…new gi doc today, apps at celiac centers at UCLA & San Diego next month. If I learn anything I’ll be sure to share as well! Good luck! God bless!

    • 7-9-2012

      Thank you so much :)

  3. 7-9-2012

    HI Ken,
    I suffer from the same. And yes, I am sensitive to foods and I just ordered a food allergy kit at your recommendation. But I realized this past year, that I have to take care of my other 2 bodies – my spiritual body and my emotional body as well. My physical processing problem was being triggered by my emotional processing and my emotional health most of my life – the biggest one, Grief. And like allergies and sensitivities, these can compound overtime and flare up one day, seemingly out of the blue.
    Just some insights I have I experienced and learned.

    • 7-9-2012

      Thanks Kira! I was just thinking about getting back into Yoga, acupuncture and massage. I wonder is stress or certain imbalances in my body is causing this?

  4. 7-10-2012

    My first inclination is to say it is the weather since you were fine in S.D. But there are environmental things that can send us into brain fogs and not just food. There could be something in your air or your living environment that is toxic to you. Chemicals that were used in building your home/apartment. Cleaners. Sprays that neighbors use. The retreat I had with other bloggers a month ago, we discussed how we react to chemicals in our environment. Diane (The Whole Gang) did a post on it not long before our retreat because the chemicals that were being used to remodel her kitchen sent her into a tailspin. Not long after the retreat, one of the bloggers had to keep coming home from work daily because of paint fumes. A few weeks ago I got a migraine from using glass cleaner at work (which I never use, but had to clean a lot more shelves than I could take wet paper towels with me without them drying out on me). I don’t use “cleaners” at home anymore. I haven’t in years. I use baking soda, vinegar, and essential oils to clean.

    I know it was a major undertaking to do the elimination diet, but now would be a good time to start eliminating as many toxins from your environment as you can and see if that makes a difference. :D Good luck, Ken!

    • 7-10-2012

      Thanks Debi! Those are all valid points and my living environment has changed a lot in the past month with moving and traveling. Seeing my mentor tomorrow and will go from there. I’m thinking about eliminating foods again too. I appreciate your support!

  5. 7-10-2012

    Wow, I feel your pain. I’m so tired of feeling crappy. Everyone wants to know how I feel and I am generally a positive person so I hate to answer truthfully anymore! I just want to feel “normal.”

    I was just at the naturopath while I was having a really terrible pain day and she tried to put my symptoms on my Graves disease which I’ve only had for a few months. So how have I had these symptoms for six years?! Grr. I’ve noticed that I have kind of a “lump in the throat” when I’m not feeling well but I don’t pay too much attention since it’s seriously the *least* of my issues. Can that be anything besides food allergies? (When it is *always* accompanied by intermittent diarrhea and constipation and gas and bloating…)

    I was feeling quite a bit better (not fantastic but a lot better) for maybe six months and then maybe 6-8 weeks ago started feeling crappier (and gassy and bloated) and just gained almost 10 pounds. Yes, in 6 weeks. But I get no answers from any of my doctors, except “watch your stress” and “get more sleep.” No. Help. At. All.

    I’ll be waiting to hear what you find out. I hope and pray that your answers will lead the way. Best of luck to you.

    • 7-10-2012

      Thanks, you bring up a ton of good points and I feel the same way! If I had the gastro issues that would be one thing but very minimal. This is the most FOG I’ve ever had. Will see what she says tomorrow and I will keep you posted!

  6. 7-10-2012

    I feel your pain. I have more issues with brain fog and fatigue than even tummy issues. And lately when I’ve been “glutened” I’ve started slurring my words. I definitely think symptoms change and new ones manifest after we’ve been GF for a while. I think our bodies become much more sensitive.
    I have been doing a lot of research lately into the Paleo/grain free lifestyle. I would say that I eat that way about half of the time. It’s a process because there are so many foods you have to eliminate. But I do feel a lot better when I’m not eating the corn, rice, potatoes etc. I’ve read so many stories of people whose health drastically improved eating this way. A great book that explains it better than I can is The Paleo Answer.
    Another issue that I have is being hypothyroid. And I know that affects me much the same way Celiac does. So it’s often hard to tell the 2 apart. Have you had your thyroid checked? Off thyroid levels can cause severe fatigue and brain fog.
    These are all just thoughts. There are so many things it could be. I hope you figure it out and start to feel better. It’s hard to live a productive life when you can’t even remember your own name sometimes. :(

    • 7-12-2012

      Thanks Christy. Looks like my plan is to start eliminating foods again and get my thyroid tested. It was on my mind before I wrote this post but between tweets, comments, email etc. everyone is saying the same thing. I appreciate all the info you shared and we will see what happens! :)


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