Sonoran Desert Honey

A few weeks back I wrote a couple posts about experiencing brain fog on a daily basis after I concluded my 180-day elimination diet. I ruled out that it was food related because I wasn’t experiencing any digestive issues as I normally do. Instead I was only experiencing what I call day two symptoms when I accidentally get “glutened” which is brain fog. If you want to read my previous posts about it you can do so with the following links.

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I’ve been taking Aller-Tec for about a month now and I’ve had no symptoms of brain fog. My air allergies are horrific and they typically cause severe sinus pressure which has caused headaches in the past. I’ve been told by numerous people that local honey can help with air allergies so I did some research and found Sonoran Desert Honey to have the anti-histamines that I’m hoping will alleviate the symptoms. It was stated that it could take up to two months for this to start working so I will continue with the medication and hope that this works because as I stated before I’m not a fan of medication but it definitely beats the brain fog.

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  1. 8-10-2012

    Great blog! Let me know how the honey works. You are making me want to have some right now :)

  2. 8-14-2012

    Hello, can you please tell me where you can purchase the honey? My son and husband have horrific allergies and if this helps even slightly, I want to try it! Thank You!

    • 8-14-2012

      I bought it at Whole Foods. You can also buy them at local farmer’s markets as well. I’m only 6 days into it and was told it takes two months. Will see what happens.

  3. 8-19-2012

    I love finding holistic benefits to yummy foods! Thanks for the tip…glad the fog has lifted!

    • 8-20-2012

      Thanks and I’m hoping it works too. I’ve got a couple months before I know for sure!

  4. 1-10-2013

    well did it work?

    • 1-10-2013

      Not very good. The paleo diet and other supplements have helped much better