Thankful For So Many Things On Celiac Awareness Day

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Today is National Celiac Awareness Day. I’m so thankful to have the support of so many fellow gluten-free bloggers and dear friends that constantly push me everyday to follow my passion, help others embrace their food allergies and have a positive attitude about them. I’ve been suffering from gluten-intolerance for 17 years and I feel it is a gift because I’ve seen so many changes in the last couple of years and it has allowed me to not only share my journey but help others along the way. I feel extremely fortunate to be connected to so many fellow “gluten-freeers” via social media but I wanted to highlight a few that have really had an impact on me.

Thanks to Jules Gluten-FreeInspiredRD, Celiac and The Beast, GlutenDude and Gluten-Free Traveller who I’ve actually had the pleasure of either meeting in real life or talking to on the phone. I love social media but there is something about taking the conversation offline. Jules was actually the first person that I followed three years ago when I got active on social media. InspiredRD has supported me nonstop and as an RD she has a wealth of knowledge that she is using to help out other celiacs. ShenanigansMKT is my rock because our celiac rants save the day. GlutenDude is a must follow because he tackles the big gluten-free issues, puts a lot of humor into his blogs and is a darn good computer guru who did all the upgrades to my site. Finally, GF_Traveller has an amazing blog that has helped me a ton because I love to travel and I love her accent.

As for my friends, I honestly couldn’t do it without them. They see my dream, push me everyday because they see what I have, they have seen me in action and honestly they are some of the best people in my life. So thank you Noelle, Paige, Chris, Lindsey, Merlin, Tommy, Heather and Tishin.

Noelle always says, "GO FAV GO!"


Paige told me to, "reach for the stars and go after your dreams!"


Chris is just right of me and is my best friend...enough said! His BBQ is also the bomb!


Lindsey always pushes me with new marketing ideas and her new non-profit will be integral with my business.


Merlin is another one of my best friends and is a marketing genius. I love "geeking" out with him.


Heather and Tommy are two of the coolest people I know and constantly have my back. So happy social media connected us.


Tishin might kill me for posting this but she has said this picture is the best. Thanks for your support and reminding me of abundance.


So thank you to everyone who has helped me with my journey. Without you I would struggle but with you I feel like I can do anything.

Stay Healthy!!


  1. 9-13-2012

    Great post! Thanks for including me :D

  2. 9-13-2012

    Of course, you rock!!

  3. 9-14-2012

    What a great crew Ken. Thanks tons for call out.

    • 9-14-2012

      My pleasure, you all make it so much easier!!