Survey – Do You Feel Safe When Dining Out With Food Allergies

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Are you concerned about dining out with food allergies? If so, have your voice heard by restaurants so you feel safe when dining out. The following are two surveys that will be used as data to show restaurants what our major concerns are and how they should be improved upon. We all know that gluten-free restaurants are popping up all over the place but just because it’s gluten-free doesn’t mean it’s safe so your feedback is extremely important.

Survey Number One -

Do You Feel Safe Dining Out With Food Allergies

Survey Number Two-

Demographics For Do You Feel Safe Dining Out With Food Allergies

The goal with this data and my business Rock A Healthy Lifestyle LLC is to show restaurants how serious gluten-free is and why training on these issues are so important. The overall goal is to put together seminars, classes and hopefully a national certification that all restaurants must go through to ensure your safety when dining out.

Thanks for all your support and please share this with your network as the more data I can get the better.

Stay Healthy!!