Press Rocks!!

For those of you that have been following my blogs by now I hope you know I’m extremely passionate about helping others embrace food allergies and have a positive attitude about them. I primarily do this by helping individuals go shopping and working with restaurants to increase the awareness on how serious they need to take celiac disease and gluten intolerance. I’ve been in marketing for the past 13 years and I’ve always felt strongly about the importance of public relations. In my previous two other businesses that I started, PR was always an integral part of spreading the word. If done right it can help with exposure, SEO and your social media presence. I specifically hired Jodie Heisner with Bottomline Media Coaching because she has passion for what she does but also has about an equal amount of passion for my mission.

It has been an exciting first three weeks since I hired Jodie and I would love to share with you the exposure I’ve received so far which will also give you a good idea of my passion for helping others living with food allergies.

My first experience happened on Saturday August 11th and I was featured on Good Morning Arizona News Channel 3 discussing how to pack a gluten-free lunch.

You can watch the story here —> How To Pack A Gluten-Free Lunch

The next piece was featured in Arizona Foothills Magazine and also focused on how to pack a gluten-free lunch.

You can read the story here —> AZ Foothills Magazine on How To Pack A Gluten-Free Lunch

Most recently I was asked to come back on Good Morning Arizona Channel 3 to discuss celiac disease and labels/hidden ingredients.

You can watch the story here —> Celiac Disease and Labeling/Hidden Ingredients

As you can tell there is a theme right now because it’s back to school time but Bottomline Media Coaching has lots more in store and I’m extremely excited about continuing to spread the word about Rock’n A Healthy Lifestyle.

Stay Healthy!!