Someone In Our Gluten-Free Community Needs Our Help

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I want to first start out by stating how amazing the gluten-free community is and how social media has become an incredible platform to help others. I recently got a post on my Facebook Fan Page from someone looking for help with various resources. I responded to her request but thought I would reach out to all of you as well. It’s interesting because I’ve been thinking about writing a book for quite some time and I think her question at the end pushed me over the edge. Yes, I’m currently writing a book but I unfortunately don’t have one for you yet.

Dear Ken,

My doctor gave me this 50 page Celiac Disease print out, and advised me to stop eating Gluten.  Now, some friends of mine tell me in order for the test to show that I have Celiac, I would have to eat at least a piece of bread daily! Ok, I’m in pain, doing this, and yes sometimes, I just can’t help it, because I’ve eaten bread etc. all my life. I want to stop, because my system is not excepting gluten to well, I’m ready to make the total switch for medical reasons. It’s painful, physical tummy cramps, headaches, swelling in face, I have an epipen just in case. It’s painful emotionally, to cook, the way I have most of my life for my kids-> smells so good, and taste testing does not help me!

Can you help me, with some great recipes/ideas/ the whole family may enjoy, because I cook separate meals each day? Also, Do you have a book?

I’ve sent her some information but please comment on this post if you have some information that you would like to share with her. Even if it’s some emotional support or words of encouragement, remember everything helps.


Stay Healthy!!


  1. 8-7-2012

    All the power to ya girl!!! I tried doing it and failed miserably. I would. Love to follow your progress and would live for someone to share daily food dairies along w grocery shopping lists. I type this from my iPhone as I sit in line at chick fil a

    • 8-7-2012

      Thanks for your support

  2. 8-7-2012

    It is really hard and takes a while to get educated on all the things to avoid and how to learning a new way to cook can be scary. You are welcome to call me and have a visit over to my kitchen in Phoenix. If you are far you can call. I have had very inexpensive cooking classes and am happy to share recipes and ideas. I cook one meal for the whole family. I tried cooking 2 and it’s insane. I bake for many people, restaurants, coffee shops and gas stations in the valley. You can find my number on my Facebook page along with many yummy food ideas and desserts.

    • 8-7-2012

      Great tips and I appreciate you helping out! Will be in touch about a goodie bag to bring to Seattle with me in a few weeks :)

      • 8-8-2012

        You in town Saturday for our 1st anniversary party/fundraiser this Saturday? Lots of raffle prizes and tasty treats!

        • 8-10-2012

          I am but unfortunately I have a TV appearance in the morning and three engagement throughout the day. GOOD LUCK!

          • 8-11-2012

            Exciting! Hope you are feeling better.

  3. 8-18-2012

    I have lots of real-world practical ideas that I can share on where to shop, what to eat, safe products/brands, healthy ingredients and how to cook for a gluten-free lifestyle. If you are not much of a cook, then I can recommend quite a few GF-friendly restaurants and also those with GF menus. It is a big change but so worth it when it comes to being healthy. NOTHING tastes as good as healthy feels. Let me know what you would like from me. I almost forgot, I love to cook and bake and have TONS of recipes that I can share if you have favorite foods that you want a GF version of. I can also recommend my favorite cookbook authors. Let this be a blessing; it’s all in your attitude. I guarantee you that you will meet some of the most amazingly kind and helpful people! I know I have! Love you, Julie! (I love your baked and raw goodies too!)

  4. 8-19-2012

    It’s so important to be there for other people – especially when they are going through something that you have been through. It’s also just as important to reach out to those who’ve been there before. Asking for help can be the hardest thing sometimes, but it’s usually the best decision! The GF community is lucky to have you buddy!