Four New Flavors


We’ve had the pleasure of working with popchips since the beginning of the year and they’re a big supporter of the gluten-free foodie tours. We all love potato chips but when living a gluten-free lifestyle it’s all about picking ones that are safe to eat and constantly adding new flavors to spice things up. Their original potato chips have 10 flavors, the new tortilla chips have 4 flavors and here’s a breakdown of them:

  • Never fried, never baked and popped with high heat and pressure
  • Lower in fat than regular potato and tortilla chips
  • Gluten-Free
  • 10 flavors of the original - original, bbq, sour cream & onion, salt & vinegar, sweet potato, salt & pepper, cheddar, chili lime, thai sweet chili and jalapeno
  • 4 flavors of the tortilla  - nacho cheese, ranch, salsa and chili limon
  • Available in all local grocery stores (Fry’s, Bashas, Albersons, Sprouts, Whole Foods, etc.)

Nothing but popped goodness here

I’ve pretty much tried every single flavor of the popchips except for those that have dairy in them. They are extremely light, flavorful and make the perfect snack. Every couple of months they seem to be coming out with new flavors which I think is great for any food brand. Popchips go well by themselves or I’ve even dipped them in salsa, guacamole and hummus. Whenever I’ve brought them to parties everyone has always enjoyed them even those that are not gluten-free eaters. They tell me that they can’t tell any difference. For someone who has been living this lifestyle for 17 years I think it’s great when I hear the words, “these are gluten-free, they taste really good?” Yep, gluten-free food can taste really good!

Just this past weekend I thoroughly enjoyed dipping the salsa and chili limon in fresh guacamole. Also for the creative types, I highly recommend smashing up the original flavored potato chips and using it for breading. I’ve done this with salmon, baked it and it was fantastic. Popchips are a great snack during the day, healthy for gluten-free kids that don’t want their lunches to look different from other kids and great for parties.

So, you’re probably wondering how you can win the Pop Chips swag? There are four ways you can win, please pay attention to the following details:

  • “Like” Rock A Healthy Lifestyle on Facebook and share on our wall why you should win the swag.
  • “Like” Pop Chips on Facebook (that’s all you need to do)
  • Comment on this blog post about which flavor of the new tortilla chips you’re most excited to try and for extra credit what dip do you think it would go great with.
  • Follow and tweet @PopChipsAZ with why you should win the swag and make sure you add via – @KenScheer to the end of the tweet.

These are your four possible entries and I highly encourage you to enter in all of them if you can. Please remember to follow the directions for each of your entries to count. Even though you will be tweeting the Arizona Pop Chips location, everyone is eligible to win. The announcement will happen on Friday August 17th.

All of this could be yours

Good Luck and Stay Healthy!!



  1. 8-14-2012


    No seriously. So I love Pop Chips. They were one of the first things I blogged about on Celiac and the Beast. Unfortunately, I had to taste test all of the chips in order to blog about it. POOR ME! :)

    I’m so happy that they’re creating not only new flavors of the potato chips on a regular basis, but I’m stoked about these new chips. I’m really excited about the ranch flavor. Which one was your favorite, Ken? Or should I say, which non-dairy ones?

    • 8-14-2012

      I like original, bbq, sweet potato and I absolutely fell in love with the salsa and chili limon tortilla chips :)

  2. 8-14-2012

    Awesome giveaway! I like Rock A Healthy Lifestyle on facebook :)

  3. 8-14-2012

    I already like Pop Chips on facebook

  4. 8-14-2012

    The salsa tortilla chips sound incredible! They’d go so well with my turkey white bean chili, mmmm

    • 8-14-2012

      Yum, that sounds fantastic!!

  5. 8-14-2012

    Love it! I love Pop Chips and I LOVE your idea about using them as bread crumbs! GENIUS!

    • 8-14-2012

      It was really good!!

  6. 8-15-2012

    i LOVE popchips! sour cream and onion is my original favorite. however, for extra credit, i need to try the chili lime flavor…. and i’d like to dip it in guacamole! hmm, i bet the guac would also taste good with the ranch flavor… and salsa… and hey, why not with nacho cheese!? great giveaway and thanks!!

    • 8-15-2012

      You got it and those sound fantastic!!

  7. 8-16-2012

    Like” Pop Chips on Facebook (that’s all you need to do)

  8. 8-16-2012

    salsa sounds yummy- not on shelves yet..then again it wasn’t until a few months ago we finally got any popchips locally

    • 8-17-2012

      The salsa is great, thanks for letting me know!

  9. 8-17-2012

    I like popchips on facebook

  10. 8-17-2012

    I think the ranch flavor would go great with some ranch dip.

    • 8-17-2012

      Thanks for entering

  11. 8-17-2012

    ranch sound yummy

  12. 8-17-2012

    Hi!! I would love to try the sweet potatoe kind does that ever sounds Great! :-) plus today is my birthday! What a great surprise that would be hehe ! (pssst I don’t think these r avaliable in Canada!)

    • 8-17-2012

      Thanks for entering, today is your birthday? Happy Birthday!!

      • 8-17-2012

        Yes !! I think I should be eating POP CHIPS to celebrate don’t you think !?

  13. 8-19-2012

    A day – or two – late to the party, but I love me some PopChips! GREAT alternative for a snack!

    • 8-20-2012

      No worries, I’m hoping to have more fun giveaways!