Review of Gluten-Free in New York City

I was born in New York and I always love going back. There is always something going on and I love going back to visit friends and family. I was recently there for a blog conference but extended my trip ┬ábecause I had some friends come out that have never been so it was great to do some of the touristy stuff again. I’ve always felt that New York has some of the best food there is but living with food allergies can make it more challenging. I want to personally thank Find Me Gluten-Free for helping me locate numerous restaurants. They are a smart phone app that helps you locate gluten-free establishments in the area you’re in by using GPS on your phone. The app is free and I would highly recommend downloading it.

Heartland Brewery

On the first day of the conference a few of us decided to head out to lunch and I used the app that lead me to Heartland Brewery. From what I know the location in Midtown West 625 8th Ave. at 41st. St is the only one that offers gluten-free. They have over twenty selections to choose from. I ordered a chef’s salad with goat cheese. The brewery also had ciders as well.

Shanghai Mong

Honestly, one of my most favorite things to eat is Pho. Pho is naturally gluten-free because it’s made with rice noodles. Shanghai Mong is conveniently located near Penn Station at 30 West 32nd St. There are many choices in this area for Pho or Pad Thai but I’ve been to this restaurant before and have always enjoyed the food.

Beef Pho


Yes yes I know it’s Chipotle but on several occasions I was busy and needed something quick so this always does the trick because I love their steak bowls. They are located on almost every street corner so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding them.

Naked Pizza

Ahhhhhhhh yes finally we get to the pizza. I will be honest with you on several occasions I thought about eating regular gluten filled pizza. Why you might ask? Well, because I miss it tremendously and New York has some of the best pizza around but of course I didn’t. I’ve heard a lot about Naked Pizza and was impressed because they also offer vegan cheese which is a must for me as I’m also allergic to dairy. There are a ton in NYC so again you shouldn’t have trouble finding them but be prepared to grab the pizza and head out to the park because there is really no room in the restaurant as it’s primarily take-out.

Vegan Cheese with Pepperon


Guy and Gallard

I honestly stumbled into this place because it happened to be pouring this day and my friends and I were dropped off by a taxi because we wanted sushi. Well it was around 3;30 in the afternoon and the sushi place wasn’t open so we ran across the street to Guy and Gallard and I was surprised to see several gluten-free options. It’s more of a market where you can go to different areas to find the cuisine you’re looking for. I happened to walk over to the soup counter and I loved what I found. The signs were all labeled with specific food allergies and since it was rainy and cold I ordered the three bean chili which was fantastic. Again, this establishment has several locations so finding one shouldn’t be hard.

This made life simple

Three Bean Chili


FaO Schwarz

I know what you’re thinking, how does FaO Schwarz make the list? Well, because they have a very large supply of candy that you can buy the pound, half pound, etc. They actually call it FaO Schweetz Many of the choices they have are gluten-free and who doesn’t need an afternoon pick me up?

Sooooooooo much candy :)

230 Fifth Rooftop Lounge

We’re going to take a quick break from the gluten-free food scene because this place is an absolute must see. If you go to New York you must stop by the 230 Fifth Rooftop Lounge because the views are amazing and there are plenty of drinks to choose from that are gluten-free. It’s located in the village and I promise you that you will not be disappointed with the 360 degree view of the city.



Now this was the restaurant that I was really looking forward to because as soon as people knew I was heading to New York, they said it was a gluten-free must. I was extremely excited about Risotteria but it ends there. I’m not sure if my anticipation level was on a different planet for this place but I ordered the risotto which was good but I felt that for a bowl of risotto and one glass of wine that $32.00 was absurd. I know it’s the city but essentially I ate rice which sausage and goat’s cheese that was again tasty but not worth the price. I will also warn you that the restaurant is extremely small and only holds up to twenty people so plan ahead if you want to experience it.

Sausage/Goat Cheese Risotto

Bourbon Street

This place was a little gold mine but is located in Queens. I have family all over New York and on the one night that I stayed in Queens they wanted to take me to Bourbon Street. I spoke with them about gluten-free which they were aware of it but didn’t have a dedicated menu. I ordered the New York strip with brown rice and steamed veggies. If you make it out to Queens I would recommend checking it out.

New York Strip

Tue Thai Food

Tue Thai Food is also located in the village. I spoke with the owners about my concern with cross contamination and they assured me that they don’t use soy or msg in anything and that with a gluten allergy I would be fine. I always enjoy a bowl of Pad Thai and it wasn’t the best I ever had but it did hit the spot. Personally, my friends told me that the Pad Thai at Shanghai Mong was better.

Shrimp Pad Thai w/ a glass of Pinot

Tarantella’s Ristorante

Now this restaurant is technically not in New York but I went over to New Jersey to visit my cousins and Find Me Gluten Free app helped me find this gem. They have a dedicated gluten-free menu and I ordered the penne with meatballs. This dish was fantastic and I highly recommend ordering it if you make it to Tarantella’s Ristorante.

Penne with Meatballs


All in all it was an incredible ten days in New York City. I hope that some of these suggestions will help you if your future travels take you there. Honestly, New York is ranked in the top 3 for most gluten-free friendly cities and I can understand why. I never had a problem at any restaurant, everyone I spoke with was extremely knowledgable and not once did I have any issues with cross-contamination or getting sick.

Enjoy and Stay Healthy!!

View from the Empire State Building







  1. 6-25-2012

    Awesome Ken. I’ll be putting this list in my back pocket when I head into the city this summer. Interesting about Risotteria as I’ve heard people rave as well, though I’ve never been there. Nice work!

  2. 6-26-2012

    Thanks Dude! I don’t want to say Risotteria was horrible but I thought that price for a bowl of rice and a beer was a little high. The food was really good and I hope this helps you when you head to NYC :)

  3. 6-26-2012

    Great review of GF in NYC. Daughter with celiace is a student at NYU and I will share this info with her. We also live in San Diego and have a good base of GF here but can always use more suggestions. I’ll follow your blog from now on- thanks !

    • 6-26-2012

      Thanks Lisa! I’m going to be in San Diego for two weeks starting tomorrow so if you have any suggestions feel free to pass them along. My email is

  4. 6-27-2012

    What part of San Diego will you be staying in? I’ll give you suggestions accordingly.