Aller-Tec (generic for Zyrtec)

A couple weeks back I wrote a post about having severe brain fog everyday. It started about two weeks after I completed my 180-day elimination diet. At first, I thought it was food again but for now I don’t believe it is. I was having no gastrointestinal issues which made me think it wasn’t but then I started thinking maybe my gut was healed so well that I was having day two symptoms of when I eat foods that I’m allergic to?? I haven’t been eating gluten, dairy or soy but that assumption of other foods just didn’t make any sense because of the lack of tummy issues.

My next thought was maybe it was the extreme temperatures in Phoenix because when I was in New York and San Diego I wasn’t having any issues. I recently returned from a trip to Denver and for the first three days I had brain fog. You can now throw the theory of it being temperature related away so at this point I wanted to give up, go back to the doctors and have my thyroid tested. I spoke with my sister-in-law who is a doctor in Denver and she went through a thorough exam and asked numerous questions. After completing this 20-minute talk we started discussing air allergens. I tend to get severe sinus infections once a year and they are so severe to the point I get blurry vision and extreme headaches in my ethmoid space which is located between my eyes. First she said maybe try an antibiotic but those tear my stomach up. Then, she said that the air quality in Denver is very similar to Phoenix and maybe trying a Zyrtec, which is a pill for 24 hour inside and outside allergy relief. I’m on my fifth day of taking the Kirkland brand and I’ve had no brain fog, headaches, blurred vision or pain between my eyes.

Since I’m not a medicine taker I’m going to try a local honey in hopes that it will work. As for now so long brain fog and thank you for not being food allergy related. Even though I will say that if I go for long stretches of not eating, brain fog does occur.

In conclusion this is going to be a work in progress because I will have to wait a couple of months until the honey kicks in and I will also play around with food combinations as well. I just hope this works because in my personal opinion, brain fog is far worse than any gastrointestinal issues.

Stay Healthy!!

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  1. 9-2-2012

    I’ve been white flour free for 2 weeks now and mostly gluten free. I cannot BELIEVE how much less arthritis pain I have. My allergies have cleared up, brain fog is gone and the (easy) recipes I find online for a gluten free diet are endless, and on my ipod touch apps. Trust me, if I can go gluten free anyone can. I was a huge bread/pasta addict and something finally clicked. Now, I don’t crave it at all. I’m going to test out some recipes for gluten free breads, but for now I really enjoy Udi’s breads and bagels (gluten free). Make sure to defrost them in the micro. for 30 seconds, then toast them. Best of health to you all.