Challenges with Living a Gluten-Free Lifestyle

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For most of you that have been following my blogs, I’m usually sharing tips about living a gluten-free lifestyle, current events and most of all I enjoy hearing from you via guest posts. I’m currently working on my business plan and my primary focus is working with restaurants on increasing the awareness of food allergies in their establishments. I think we all know that one of our biggest concerns is, “will I get sick when I go out for a meal?”

With that said, I really want to hear from you because it will help with my research. What are your biggest challenges with living a gluten-free lifestyle?

Is it……..

  1. Cross-contamination
  2. The social scene
  3. Lack of understanding
  4. The fear of being different
  5. Lack of options
  6. The taste
  7. Missing out on what other’s are eating
  8. Something else?

I would really like your feedback, feel free to comment away and thanks for your support!

Stay Healthy!!


  1. 7-18-2012

    My two year old was just diagnosed with Celiac and I think our biggest hurdle is just the overall fear of her getting sick via cross contamination. She never told us she was hurting before and she was horribly sick. She never cried or said a word and it wasn’t until the diagnosis and diet change that we see how she should act because she is a completely different kid since going gluten free. We changed the whole house over out of ease and our family feels a lot better in doing so.

    Our fear of cross contamination causes us now to never go out to eat anymore except for Picazzo’s and she is never her normal self after there either so we go there only in an emergency. We don’t eat at other people’s home either because of fear of cross contamination and I fear the day she has to go to school. I hate that it feels like we walk on egg shells now and can’t live a normal life anymore (have to worry about any contact she should have) and it has taken the fun out of dinners out.

    I don’t care what people think of me and my neurotic ways as long as she is healthy but it does stink that they (family included) think it is a fad and don’t get what gluten does to her body.

    I am hoping people will soon get a better grasp on it and in a perfect world wheat and gluten will no longer be an ingedient allowed in anything so we can live life like we use to. But that is a long shot:(

    • 7-21-2012

      I definitely don’t think you’re being neurotic at all. I hear you in that cross-contamination is extremely serious and we must take extreme caution when eating out. Remember we all have a voice, anything is possible. Thanks for sharing!!

    • 8-16-2012

      Desiree – Your post says EXACTLY everything I’m feeling! My 6yo was just diagnosed. It has been so stressful, and yesterday he went back to school. Talk about stress!!! My family has been supportive, but my dad also said that I should be thankful that this isn’t life threatening. However, it is! It’s an autoimmune disease!! My son hasn’t grown in an entire year, and he was only in the 10th% to begin with! He’s fallen off his growth curve and yes, I’m concerned and neurotic. Glad to see I’m not alone!!

  2. 7-21-2012

    Definitely fear of cross contamination. When I was first diagnosed Celiac 3 years ago if something said gluten free I just went for it. Now I have a totally different mindset. I don’t even trust that label anymore. And I am constantly having panic attacks thinking about what is possibly going on in the kitchen of restaurants with “gluten free” menus. I will say that I don’t let it keep me from eating out. I do the best that I can to find the safest places to eat and speak clearly to the server about my issues. I still want to live life, and as a foodie eating out is part of who I am.

    • 7-21-2012

      I couldn’t agree with you more. I think if you’re very careful and do it the right way by educating and double and triple checking with the staff if they have any knowledge on GF safe practices then you should be good. Thanks for sharing!

  3. 7-25-2012

    How about 9. All of the above

    For me, it really depends on the situation and how I’m feeling on that given day, both physically and mentally. I rarely feel like an outcast, but I was at a two day party recently where it was all about the food. And for the first time in a long time, I felt like an outsider. But most times, I have no issues with it.