A while back I wrote a blog post about about how I was experiencing daily symptoms of brain fog. You can read it HERE. Over the last couple months I’ve been experiencing extreme fatigue in the afternoon hours, horrible air allergies, poor sleeping habits and decreased strength and stamina in the gym. A lot of this stems from when I got severely sick last October but even though my stomach is better, the other issues have been causing all sorts of problems. I’ve tried medication (which I normally don’t like doing), local honey and sleep medication. The medication worked for a little while, I never really gave the honey time to work and the sleep medication helped a ton but after four months I started experiencing vivid dreams and the side effect of fatigue the following day. I stopped taking those about three weeks ago.

Last week I met with the owners of Nutra Summa who asked for a meeting with me in regards to a discussion about their gluten-free products. We had a great meeting and I also toured their lab in Phoenix where I was extremely impressed with how they test for heavy metals and gluten. I feel extremely comfortable with their products because of how important they consider food allergies. During the tour they highlighted where they test for gluten, the employees knowledge and quality control to prevent possible cross-contamination.

Taking a Tour of Nutra Summa

After the tour we sat down and talked about my concerns. So they gave me product to help with fatigue, brain fog, allergies, sleeping and strength/muscle recovery. They told me that it would take about 2-3 weeks to really start working but I have to say I’m impressed with what I’m seeing in the first 5 days. Here’s a summary of the products that I’m taking:

  • Amino Clear – Amino Acid Supplement…Recover during your workout, not after
  • Dragon’s Blood Herbal Supplement…Supports balanced blood flow for cardiovascular health
  • Summa Lean – Metabolic Support…Helps mobilize stored fat so it can be used as fuel
  • Pea Protein – Dietary Supplement…Complete protein from 100% vegan sources
  • ZMA Plus – Zinc, Magnesium and B6 Support…Increases muscle strength
  • Digest Complex – Dietary Supplement…Support digestive health

Dragon's Blood Extract, ZMA Plus and Digest Complex

After the first 5 days I’ve had no afternoon fatigue, no need for naps, no brain fog and my energy and mental clarity is much improved. I’ve also noticed increased strength in the gym that I started losing last October. Most importantly, I’ve been able to shut my brain off at night and sleep a minimum of 6 hours straight without waking up. As stated earlier Nutra Summa said I wouldn’t really start feeling the ultimate effects for 2-3 weeks so I will be writing another post at that time with my findings. Also, I was on the phone with them today and they will be sending me a product to help out with my air allergies as well.

Amino Clear, Summa Lean and Pea Protein

I’m extremely excited about how I’m feeling and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in the next couple of weeks. If you have any questions about the products please comment on the post and I will do my best to answer your questions.

Stay Healthy!!




  1. 9-12-2012

    I thoroughly enjoyed the tour of the factory and was so incredibly shocked to learn about all the precautions they take to go above and beyond required standards for nutritional safety and quality. The additional heavy metal testing is rarely, if ever, done by any nutraceutical companies in the US and it is a breath of fresh air to know they are doing that. Being that I have to go through chelation to eliminate heavy metals and toxins from my blood it counteracts my efforts to take any supplements that contain them!
    It’s great to know you have already felt some positive side effects from the products. I can’t wait to be able to introduce them to the Bent But Not Broken audience as well along with my comments on how the products have affected me.

    • 9-12-2012

      I agree Lindsey the care they take in the lab is so key as we all know. It is amazing to feel the difference so quickly and has me pretty excited to see what happens when the product takes full effect. I was told they want to put me on something for my air allergies as well. I look forward to seeing what happens with that product as well.

  2. 9-12-2012

    This is very interesting information, Ken! Thanks for sharing. I haven’t heard of Nutra Summa before but after reading this post I’m interested to learn more. I’ve been having issues with brain fog, fatigue and horrible air allergies. I take some supplements that have helped in the past, but recently there’s been no relief. I will have to look into this company more! Thanks as always for your guidance!

    • 9-12-2012

      Your welcome Stephanie! Let me know if you have any questions and stay tuned for my next post on Nutra Summa in about two weeks when they say the products will take full effect. On a side note I’m not on the product they want me to try for air allergies yet so I will keep you posted.

  3. 9-12-2012

    I’m so excited to hear about your success with these supplements. I’m looking for something to helpe with brain fog and overall energy levels. I love that they are here in Phoenix! It’s so hard to know for sure, especially with vitamins, whether they are truly gluten-free. Thank you for your due diligence and bringing us the knowledge on this quality product! I’m sharing your blog today on my Facebook page….. Thanks again.

    Juli La Porte

    • 9-12-2012

      I appreciate your words Juli. Stay tuned as I will be doing another post in a couple of weeks in regards to how these products are performing but as of now I’m extremely happy with what I’m experiencing. On day 6 with no brain fog :)

  4. 9-14-2012

    Great information! Also, good to know that it’s right here in Phoenix!!!!

    • 9-14-2012

      Yes, I keep getting better and better everyday! Stay tuned for the next post in two weeks with more info!

  5. 9-18-2012

    This sounds promising. Although it has been just two years since I finished up with my chemo treatments for breast cancer, I still experience chemo-brain, which sound much like your symptoms. I will have to look into this supplement to see if it would be a good fit for me.


    • 9-18-2012

      Please check into the products, I will also talk to them as well. Thanks for chiming in :)

  6. 9-20-2012

    Hey Ken!

    Thanks for sharing! It’s good to know that you really have a passion for what you do, and what you believe in. Most people would just go to their family doctor and ask for a prescription. You actually are trying to dig and dig until you can find the correct solutions to treat the issues that you had/have.

    Also, it’s great to see that there’s a local company that cares just as much to helping those with similar symptoms.

    I look forward to your update at the end of this trial run with these products.


    • 9-20-2012

      Thanks Great and will do!

  7. 7-21-2013

    What would be good for high blood sugar sleep problems also,and protein supplements trying to loose weight but I have severe arthritis so I don’t workout.

    • 7-21-2013

      Hi and thank for checking out my review…you will want the following:

      Dragon’s Blood Extract – Supports cardiovascular health and balancing blood flow.

      ZMA – Supports protein synthesis and is great for sleep. I now sleep like a rock.

      SummaLean – fantastic for energy

      Pea Protein – muscle growth and recovery

      Carnitine Complex – Support liver health and healthy blood supply