Green Tea On A Crisp Seattle Morning

The main purpose of my trip to Seattle was to visit my dear friends Paige Dell’Armi (@PaigeIAm) and Mark Hayden (@MarkHayden) who moved here from Phoenix back in March. Paige followed her passion and went after her dream job and that’s the type of inspiration that keeps me going after the things I want in my life. It was an absolutely amazing 4 days catching up with friends and seeing all that Seattle had to offer. I know I got lucky that there was no rain but because the air was cooler and much cleaner I had no headaches, dry eyes or brain fog which was a major plus. The key for me was seeing how gluten-free friendly this city was and out of all of my recent travels, it topped the list. Education seems high here and knowledge is even better.

I want to thank @GlutenFreeSEA for all the recommendations but I also checked out of few on my own. One of my most favorite things about Twitter is the ability to connect with certain communities and his recommendations were great and made dining out extremely comfortable for me. First on the list was Blue Moon Burgers. The staff was knowledgeable about all of my allergies. I ordered the build your own burger with lettuce, tomato, and bacon. The fries are cooked in a separate fryer and were truly heavenly. What I liked most about the burger was the bun that didn’t fall apart. This is a must if you visit Seattle.

Burger and Fries

That evening it was extremely chilly and one of my favorite treats is Pho. I could honestly even eat this in Phoenix when it’s 110 plus degrees. The staff at Thoa’s Restaurant and Lounge were extremely knowledgeable about gluten-free and assured me they take the precautions necessary in the kitchen. I ordered the beef Pho which was a beef star anise broth with thinly sliced beef sirloin, rice noodles, green onions, cilantro, served with lime, beansprouts & basil. It was extremely tasty and the portion was huge for $10.00. I went back again for more.

Beef Pho

The most anticipated meal for me was brunch at Portage Bay Cafe. @GlutenFreeSEA said it was the best and when I tweeted out that I was going there, I got a few replies saying it was a must. What a great place with extremely reasonable prices. Again the staff understood the importance of safety around gluten-free so I ordered the Vegan Banana Pancakes which were two large pancakes made with organic rice flour, hemp-milk and puréed organic bananas, topped with a scoop of housemade organic chocolate-hazelnut spread. The price was $12.00 and you were allowed to go to the topping bar that contained mixed fruits, coconut, almonds, other treats and syrup. I died and went to heaven. The pancakes were rich, full of flavor and were a true delight.

Pancakes and a Mimosa

After brunch we took in some sites including the Space Needle where I was reminded by my friend Paige to, “reach for the stars and follow your dreams.” I’m so proud of her and this was truly a great site especially on another clear day in Seattle.

Page and I

After the Space Needle we went down to Pike Place Fish Market where we picked up halibut, shrimp, fresh veggies and other supplies for a cookout on the Sunset Deck of their amazing Seattle apartment home. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of the finished product but the cedar plank halibut and sides were great including one incredible view of another Seattle sunset.

Halibut, Bacon Wrapped Shrimp, Chicken and Corn

Sunset Deck (A perfect view over dinner)

On Monday it was off to the Mariner’s game and to check out the gluten-free stand. My goal is to visit every baseball stadium and Safeco Field was 15th total on the list so far. It was another gorgeous Seattle day and the stadium is definitely ranked in the top 5 for a must see. The gluten-free stand was great and located behind section 132. They offered about 10 different selections and Green’s Gluten-Free Beer. I had a hot dog with a bun that didn’t fall apart and a beer. The beer was darker than I normally like but it had a nice body and crisp taste.

Safeco Field

The Nature Gluten-Free Stand

A True Baseball Classic

Finally that evening it was off to The Crab Pot for 2 pounds of King Crab as seen on Man v. Food. I didn’t really check to see how gluten-free friendly the restaurant was because they steamed the crab and after talking to the server there were no issues.


Get Into My Belly

So I wanted to say thanks again to Paige and Mark for being great hosts and tour guides. It was a memorable 4 days and I can’t wait to come back.

Mark, Paige and I

So far now I say farewell Seattle and until me meet again….maybe sooner than later :)

From Pier 56

Stay Healthy!!


  1. 9-4-2012

    Glad you had such a great time Ken. Portage bay and that fruit bar are ridiculous!! Now you’ve made me crave it again, thanks a lot.
    Hope to catch you next time you visit.

    • 9-4-2012

      That place was incredible and the prices are so reasonable. I really like it here. Great weather, great food and I love how educated everyone is on gluten-free.

  2. 9-4-2012

    Looks great! I need to get myself back to Seattle at some point soon :D

    • 9-5-2012

      Definitely is a good time. Thanks for sharing :)