Is your restaurant or facility looking to increase exposure in the gluten-free world?

Would you like the opportunity to host an event where on average 50 individual gluten-free foodies, bloggers, social media experts and public relation experts will be in attendance?

foodie-groupIf so then the gluten-free foodie tours is for you. Individuals are being diagnosed with food allergies everyday and are looking for different resources that will allow them to eat and feel safe about it. Studies have shown that individuals are most concerned about getting cross-contaminated when they eat out. A fair amount of individuals will decide to stay home and eat because they don’t trust the food and beverage industry.

The number of those that must adhere to a gluten-free lifestyle because they have celiac disease or gluten intolerance is increasing everyday. More and restaurants are offering alternatives on their menus but offering it is one thing, doing it the right way and safe way is another. Simply touching a piece of food with gluten has the possibility of getting those with this sensitivity sick and is the number one reason why many individuals choose to dine at home.

lavacakeWhereas, if a restaurant separates the food, uses different cutting boards, utensils, cookware and gloves it automatically puts you ahead of the game. If that restaurant also understands how to deal with those with this allergy then hosting a gluten-free foodie tour is an excellent way to drive traffic to your establishment.

Rock A Healthy Lifestyle has successfully put together numerous food tours with both local and national brands. The business primarily uses Twitter, Facebook, email marketing and blogs to drive traffic to the event.

Foodie TourTo date the tours have averaged 50 attendees and will  typically trend of Twitter. By using a dedicated hashtag for the events it will allow both local and national followers to know that your restaurant is safe to eat at. The event also gives your establishment on opportunity to show off what you’re capable of with your target market.

If interested in learning more about how a gluten-free foodie tour could help drive traffic to your establishment, please contact us today or simply fill out the form below.


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